coney island

What better way to take advantage of a summer-like Spring Sunday, than a day at Coney Island?

We begin with breakfast at Nathan's (yes, breakfast. You got something to say about that?)

In case french fries for breakfast aren't indulgent enough, I give you bacon-cheese fries:

After a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk, and a nail-biting ride on the Cyclone, I needed something to quench my thirst and calm my nerves. So on to Cha Cha's for a madras cocktail (vodka, cranberry & OJ):

And, since Cha Cha's is located next to the "Shoot the Freak" boardwalk attraction (where players get to shoot at a human target with paintball guns), it seemed appropriate to go for the freakish Coney Island Lager:

And finally... lunch at Totonno's, a NYC pizza institution, for a lovely Neapolitan-style pie:

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Tony said...

I think I'm blind.