salami-ciabatta melt

Simple, but amazingly delicious...

I cut a small loaf of olive ciabatta in half, and layered the following:
-sliced herb-crusted salami
-sun-dried tomatoes (in olive oil)
Then stuck it under the broiler, just until the cheese melted and the bread was toasted (only took a few minutes).

I bet this would also be good with things like sliced marinated mushrooms, artichokes, or olives (I would have used olives, if my bread didn't already have them baked in)


christmas dinner

I was in charge of cooking Christmas dinner for my family this year
(no pressure!), and this is what I came up with...

Rosemary pork tenderloin, with bacon on top (click here for recipe)

Horseradish and sour cream mashed potatoes (click here for recipe)

Green beans with bacon, blue cheese, and toasted almonds

Also, not pictured was homemade cranberry sauce (you can see that in one of my previous posts).



Spicy salmon roll with tuna & avocado on top.
Seaweed salad on the side.
(no, I did not make this myself :-)