homemade pizza

I started out by making this whole wheat pizza dough, and then topped the pizzas with some of my favorite things...

pizza #1: Mix ricotta cheese + generous amount of dried basil + 1 minced garlic clove, and spread on the pizza. Top with sliced prosciutto and shallots (the prosciutto gets nice & crispy in the oven, like bacon).

pizza #2: Jarred pizza sauce + sliced fresh mozzarella + sliced olives and marinated mushrooms.

The pizza bakes for 18-20 minutes on 450ยบ, and if you follow the recipe's instructions to make the dough and freeze pre-made pizza shells ahead of time, it makes for a very quick weeknight meal. You can pull them right out of the freezer, top them, and bake them. No need to even thaw them.

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