eggs for dinner

Who doesn't love eating breakfast foods for dinner?
This was a little experiment, which happily turned out deliciously.
You'll need:

1 egg
vinegar (for poaching the egg)
olive oil
1/2 c dry white wine
lemon (zest + juice)
salad greens
dried apricots
whatever kind of bread you like (toast for on the side)

Start with a poached egg: Bring a saucepan of water to a gentle boil (there should be bubbles on the bottom of the pan, but the surface should not be rolling). Add 1 tsp vinegar per cup of water that you're using (the acidity helps the egg hold together in the water). Drop the egg in, and cook for about 4 minutes (this will give you a runny yolk—if you prefer a more solid yolk, give it a couple more minutes).

The sauce (amounts are approximate—it depends on your taste):
Mince a shallot and sauteƩ in a small amount of oil with a dash of salt for a couple minutes on medium heat, until it's softened but not brown. Add the white wine, some lemon zest (about 1 tsp), and a squeeze of lemon juice (not quite half a lemon's worth). Bring to a boil, and boil until reduced by half. Melt in a few pats of butter, and turn heat off. Add some chopped parsley, and finish off with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice (just a few drops).

The salad: mixed greens + thinly sliced shallot + sliced dried apricots.

The dressing: roughly equal parts fresh lime juice + olive oil, seasoned to taste with salt & pepper.

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