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Possibly one of the best food destinations in the world. I've never eaten such delicious food at every single meal, than during my trips there. I've been to New Orleans twice within the past 3 years, most recently in April '07  (my boyfriend, Tony flew me down for a weekend as a birthday present—and we managed to eat a LOT of great food in those 48 hours).

A friend of mine went to New Orleans last weekend (and brought me back some Café Du Monde coffee—thanks, Amanda!), and it got me reminiscing about my trips (and obsessing about all of the great food), so I pulled some photos from my archives...

Beignets and café au lait at Café Du Monde:

Pulled pork sandwich and mac & cheese at The Joint, an unassuming little BBQ place in the Bywater, just east of the French Quarter (not pictured are the amazing baked beans and cole slaw that also accompanied this meal). Out of this world. If you go to New Orleans, you MUST go here.

At the opposite end of the dining spectrum is the fabulous Galatoire's. Here, we have pompano amandine:

And of course, Bananas Foster—NOLA's signature dessert. Surprisingly few restaurants actually have it on their menu. Your best bet is to get it at its birthplace, Brennan's.

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elsquid said...

Ah, we know what it means to miss New Orleans.