sunday feast

This afternoon, I went over to my friend Julia's for a movie day. 
For such an occasion, most people would make popcorn. 
Julia cooked a duck.

It was stuffed with an obscene amount of garlic and sage, and coated in mustard (and more sage). And it was utterly amazing.

My contribution was rosemary cornbread. I used this recipe, but as one of the commenters suggested, used a combination of 1/3 c. white sugar + 1/3 c. brown sugar for the sugar, and used melted butter instead of vegetable oil. Also, I added 1 TBSP chopped fresh rosemary.

For dessert, Julia made cranberry pie. Yummm!


Amanda said...

Welcome back Food Porn (yay, I made the blog!).

The Sunday feast looks amazing, to the point that I think I've been inspired to make a cranberry pie:)

Tony Borelli said...

Perfect for a wintry day here in New Tundra City.

Julia said...

Delicious, it was! If you're curious, here's the rather "estimate-y" cranberry pie recipe (I never worked from an official recipe, and pretty much just guesstimated the first time, and every time):

Store buy a bottom crust.

Cook up the cranberries (I used a bag and then about maybe 1/2
cup more to make the filling) on the stove with a little bit of water and about a cup of sugar until tender and "jammy" (though not totally pulverized).

For the crumbly top: flour; unsalted butter; dark brown sugar; a dash of regular sugar; cinnamon.

I melted the butter until it was softened. I started with
about half a cup of flour in a bowl and then just added the rest of the top crust ingredients and mashed them up with a fork until the balance looked right and it was slightly moistened with the butter. Taste testing of course can also help with the process!

I poured the cranberry mixture into the crust (oven preheated at 375), sprinkled the top generously with the butter crumb topping and put it in the oven for 30-35 minutes (basically, until the top and bottom crust edge were browned and the cranberries bubbly).

I also usually sprinkle it
with cinnamon after the fact also for an extra spicy kick. If you don't love the full tartness of cranberries, I recommend adding a little more sugar to them to take off the edge.

emily said...

It should be noted that the pie is even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

It should also be noted that despite the fact that it feels like about a hundred degrees below zero tonight, I picked up some vanilla ice cream on my way home, to go with my leftover pie.

I suppose I should also admit that I actually showed up at Julia's with tupperware, for premeditated leftover stealing :-)