thai coconut soup

This soup is well worth the effort to go out and get the ingredients. 
I was able to quickly find everything in my local Asian market. 
(p.s. "glangal" = ginger)

The only ingredient that eluded me was the kaffir lime leaves. When I asked a store clerk if they had them, I got a puzzling answer: They don't sell them because they're illegal. I thought there must have been a misunderstanding, so I looked it up when I got home. Seems it is illegal to import kaffir lime leaves to the U.S. (because of some sort of pest that they can harbor, that we don't want to introduce here). However, they're ok when grown domestically. So they're possible to get, it just may not be easy. I just omitted them, and the soup was delicious anyway :-)


ed-e said...

A bit early to cast the ballots, but definitely a strong contender for Food Porn photo of the year.

Tony Borelli said...

Sooooo yummy!