more minneapolis goodies

Aside from the treats at the fair, here are a few more of the delicious things I ate on a recent trip to visit my dear friend Kim in Minneapolis...

Great start to the day: an apricot vanilla scone at Lucia's—one of the best scones I've ever eaten. Moist, filled with giant chunks of apricot, with a light sugary crust on top.

Sometimes the best meal is a bunch of sides, like this one at Brasa:
slow-roasted pulled pork:
cheesy grits:
jalapeño creamed spinach:
sweet plantains:
yucca fries:

A starter to another delicious meal—this nice plate of meats, pâtés and dried fruit:

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Ed-E said...

god damn it

how the hell am I supposed to eat a turkey sandwich for lunch after seeing that goodness?