mediterranean chicken

If you've never tried "packet" cooking, I highly recommend it. (This is where you seal a bunch of stuff in parchment or foil, and bake it)

Here, I put together a bunch of stuff that I like:
-chicken breast (seasoned with salt, pepper & oregano)
-kalamata olives
-roasted red peppers
-feta cheese

Pile it all on a piece of foil (12" x 12" should do), give it a splash of olive oil and white wine, seal the edges of the foil (make sure the seal is tight, but tent the foil a little so it has some breathing room), and bake at 375 for about 22 minutes.

Cooking it this way, the chicken stayed unbelievably moist. You could use whatever ingredients you like, and it's a good way to use things up (the sad little remnants of jars of capers, artichokes, and roasted red peppers I had cluttering up my fridge turned into a great meal!)

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