apricot glazed chicken


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You only need 5 items to recreate this:

chicken breast + apricot preserves + red pepper flakes +
green beans + sliced almonds

Place chicken & green beans on a rimmed baking sheet, season with salt & pepper (drizzle a little olive oil over the beans). Throw under the broiler for 5-6 min. Take out, top chicken with apricot preserves & red pepper flakes, and sprinkle almonds on the beans. Broil for 5 minutes more. Done.

I'd think that other combinations of meat & preserves would be good as well. Pork & plum, perhaps?

(Recipe from Everyday Food magazine.)

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Kate said...

I loved two things about this recipe - one, that it was simple enough for me to remember at the grocery store without writing it down and two, that it is a good portion for just one or two people. I tried it tonight and it is fantabulous! However, instead of the green beans and almonds, I paired it with my favorite salad (lettuce, goat cheese, pine nuts, and a balsamic & maple syrup dressing).